Cross Bones F1 Tail Pad

Cross Bones F1 Tail Pad - Patented  

  • This is a Game Changer!
  • New Advanced Tail Pad Design for Performance, Control, Aerials.
  • Cross Bones F1 Allows Aerial Surfing the Highest Level of Physical Control for Degree of Difficulty & Innovative Maneuvers (+Points)  
  • Now the Sky is the Limit!  Insane Hang Time Control!  Not bindings, but almost.
  • Cross Bones Smooth Toe Lock Grip Design for Aerial Control and Release. 
  • Optional Arch Bar: Installs under Center piece. Easy.
  • 1 Piece Kick Tail: No Splits in the Kick for Exact Control. 1"/25mm High.
  • Micro Grip Surface: Instant Grip- Release- and Re-Grip
  • Molded Skin Surface: Soft on your Skin, Sealed- Won’t absorb water or tear like saw cut knob pads.
  • Radiused Edges: Smooth Rounded, No Leash Snags or Chips
  • Extended Pad System: Extends the Front of Pad for Forward Aerial Stance
  • 6 Piece Peel and Stick System: 3 Pc KickTail, 1 Arch, 2 Front Extensions
  • Adhesive: Also Bonds to GryptaLite Clear Grip. Tested 2 years. All Water Temps.
  • You want this. You need this!
  • Its your birthday... or something, or your buddy's birthday, done!
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