GryptaLite Clear Grip for Longboards; 10ft/305cm and under

GryptaLite Clear Grip Kit - Longboard

  • 1 piece Clear Grip. Full Board Coverage: Rail Offset Options: 1/2", 3/4", 1" 
  • Water Reactive: Excellent Grip when wet, less grip when dry. Patented.
  • Consistent Traction: Perfect Grip Every Surf. Never Fails like wax. No Mess.
  • Transparent/Clear: UV resistant, See all graphics/details on the board.
  • Board Stays Clean/Clear.  Doesn't stick to clean board bag, sand, dirt.
  • Soft on Skin.  Light Weight
  • All Weather Conditions: Warm and Cold Water Traction, Non-Polluting
  • Peel and Stick Installation. No Maintenance.
  • Matches your board outline template exactly - Patented System
  • 10 feet/305cm Long x 28 Inches/71cm Wide x 0.02 Inches/1/2mm Thick
  • INCLUDES: Wax Removal System: Foam Ball, Alcohol Wipe
  • Installs perfectly on center.  30 minutes. Patented System.  See video.
  • Grab and Go Surf. No preparation. No Mess.  You want this. You need this!
  • Its your birthday... or something, or your buddy's birthday, done!
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