Kneeboard GryptaLite Center Grip Trim to Fit


  1. Install Rail Grips on your board first.    Watch the Rail Grip Install Video.                        
  2. Place the Center Grips (smooth shiny side up) on your board 1/8" or 3mm Gap Space away from the Rail Grip. Mark on the shiney plastic side where the stringer outside edge is. See pictures. 
  3. Draw a straight line on the smooth side of the Grip, where you just made the stringer marks.  Cut on this line, the excess grip off with scissors as shown in picture.    
  4. Draw Round Corners on the stringer line and cut the round corners.
  5. Put Center Grip on your board, Grip Side UpTest  fit your Center Grip spaced away from the Rail Grip and Stringer 1/8" or 3mm gap.  Make adjustments if necessary and Mark Only on the Smooth Side.
  6. Install Stickers Now.  Install your GryptaLite and Surf Systems sticker.  GryptaLite will install over your sticker- no problem!
  7. WASH YOUR HANDS!! Keep the dirt and ink from sticking to the grip.
  8. Add 1-2 drops of dish soap mixture into your spray bottle.  Fill bottle with water. 
  9. Now install your GryptaLite.  Watch the install videos and install the center grip the same way. 
  10. Spray your board with the water bottle where the Center Grip will go, and Leave No Dry Spots.
  11. Spray all your fingers with the spray bottle, to prevent grip from sticking to your fingers.
  12. Peel about 2 inches or 50 mm of the smooth clear liner off the grip and spray the adhesive glue with the spray bottle.  See the Rail Grip Video for reference.
  13. With your wet fingers: Grab the clear peel off and keep spraying the adhesive. The more water spray the better!
  14. Place the Center Grip on your board 1/8" or 3mm away from the Rail Grip and Stringer.  You can pick up an edge and  adjust the grip to align it, It will slide on the layer of water.                      
  15. Use the white plastic card in the kit, and Squeegee out the air and water under the grip in smooth strokes.
  16. Wipe off excess water with a paper towel. 
  17. Check for trapped air and water in the grip.  Remove any air or water with the squeegee.
  18. Repeat steps 7-18 for the other Center Grip side.
  19. Let your GryptaLite dry for 24+ hours before surfing. 
  20. Do Not Put it in the Sun for faster drying.
  21. Trapped Air/Water:   Poke a sewing needle or pin into the bubble. Push air/water out of bubble spot with finger or spreader card.  Press down the grip with the spreader card for 1 minute over the pin hole.
  22. Your board will always look clean, grip way better, and never need wax again!
  23. IMPORTANT!  While your GryptaLite is drying: Now go turn your board bag inside out and clean the wax off inside of your board bag with the Foam Ball. Real easy and fast with the Foam Ball.  Old wax on your GryptaLite is a mess and a waste of all your hard work!   Surf On!