Tracing a Short Board on GryptaLite



GryptaLite Clear Grip Traction Longboard

Step 1  Its best to work on a CLEAN 6 ft. - 185cm flat table.  ALL WAX MUST BE REMOVED AND THE DECK SUPER CLEAN!!!  After scraping all the wax off your board, Use the Light Blue Foam Ball that came in your kit, and remove all the remaining wax off your board. Firm Circular motion seems to work best.   You may have to wipe the wax off the Foam Ball if there is a lot of wax.  HOLD THE BOARD UP TO THE LIGHT AND GET A REFLECTION TO SEE ANY WAX SPOTS YO MAY HAVE MISSED.  A WAXY BOARD IS A DIRTY BOARD AND WILL FAIL YOUR GRYPTALITE INSTALLATION!

GryptaLite Clear Grip Short Board

On BOTH SIDES OF the nose of your board, put a pencil mark at 1 1/2"  or 35mm.  

Step 2  ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR BOARD:  Put on the SCALE STICKER centered on the Stringer or center of your board in 3 places on bottom of board.  NOTE: STEP ONE IS ON THE LEFT!!!

 GryptaLite Clear Grip Installation on Short Board


Step 3  3 Scale Stickers on the stringer or center of your board in 3 places.


Step 4 DOUBLE SIDED TAPE: Peel off only 1 side of the Double Side Tape


Step 5  Put down Double Side Tape- LEAVE REMAINING PAPER ON!

Step 6 Put tape on bottom of board 4 Places - LEAVE REMAINING PAPER ON!

Step 7 Lay the GryptaLite on the bottom of the board- GRIP SIDE UP!

Step 8 Roll up the GryptaLite and stop just before the stringer or centerline.  This allows you to move and control the GryptaLite on the board.  Put something heavy like a unopened drink can or water bottle on the GryptaLite to hold it in place while you adjust the position to line up the stringer line on the Gryp to the Offset line on the Scale Sticker underneath.  See next steps for good pictures of this important step.


Step 9  This is a very important step. Line up the Ink Center Line on the GryptaLite on top of  all 3 Scale Stickers at  1/2"- 12mm for Short Boards, or  3/4"-20mm for 8 Foot+ Boards, or 1"-25mm for thick SUP or Paddle Boards.


Step 10  NOTE: You have put the ink line on STEP 1 side.


Step 11 Starting at the nose: Peel off the paper liner of the double sided tape. Lay the GryptaLite onto the tape while holding the ink line on the Scale mark.     Press on the GryptaLite with a firm pressure to stick the tape to the smooth side of the GryptaLite.  Repeat this step 3 more times for each remaining double sided tape. 


Step 12  Press down firmly many times to stick the double sided tape to the GryptaLite.  It should look darker like the arrow point to below. 


Step 13  Slowly lift Scale Step 1 side up. Hold the Gryptalite on the board and roll the board onto the GryptaLite- Deck Side Up. BE CAREFUL- DON'T FOLD OR CREASE THE GRYPTALITE!!!  A hard crease may leave a crease mark in the finish. 


Step 14  Get a marking pen.  Starting at the nose, push down on the nose to touch the GryptaLite.  Trace ONLY THE SIDE YOU TAPED!!! Smooth side is up now.  Check which side is stuck to the tape  Then Start Tracing the taped side only at the nose with the marking pen.  Trace the whole taped side of the board.  STOP.  DO NOT TRACE THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BOARD!!!



Step 14B  After you trace the 1st side, Remove the double sided tape from the smooth side of the GryptaLite or the board- where ever its stuck to. By picking and rolling the tape back with our finger tip, it comes off pretty easy.


Step 15  REPEAT STEPS 2 THROUGH 14 TO TRACE THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR BOARD.  IT WILL GO MUCH FASTER THIS TIME!  :)   When your done with Tracing Scale Step 2 , your Gryptalite will look similar to this picture.

Step 15B  After you trace the other side, Remove the double sided tape from the smooth side of the GryptaLite or the board- where ever its stuck to. By picking and rolling the tape back with our finger tip, it comes off pretty easy.

 When your done with Tracing Scale Step 2 , your Gryptalite will look similar to this picture.


Step 16  Now you can cut out your GryptaLite Clear Grip!  Get a regular pair of scissors, (not serrated edges). Start cutting out the GryptaLite- STAY RIGHT ON THE LINE. 


You can even just slide the scissors (open) through the line and rarely squeeze the scissors. Its pretty easy to cut.  Don't worry if you get off the line a bit, you wont see it when you put the GryptaLite on.

Step 17  Slide cutting the GryptaLite-  Easy either way you like.


Step 18  Nose Tip Marking:  Take the cap from the packaging and trace the curve ON THE SMOOTHE SIDENOT THE GRIP SIDE!!!


Step 19  If you have a tail pad on your board now, no problem.  Lay the GryptaLite SMOOTH SIDE UP !! on the deck of your board. Pull it up to the pencil mark on the nose. Tape the GryptaLite to this pencil mark. Take a ruler and a marker and draw a line 1/2" away from your tail pad as shown in the picture below.  Finish the corners by tracing the packaging cap on the SMOOTH SIDE of the GryptaLite to make a nice corner.  Cut the corners with scissors.  These steps prevent snagging your GryptaLite on stuff.  Its a must do!


Step 20  IMPORTANT STEP:  Go wash your hands.  Any dirt, ink or oils on your hands will transfer to your board now. You want a perfect clean clear install with no fingerprints!  Right. Oh, and you can have your drink, water or what ever now.  You deserve it!  

Step 21 Get the GryptaLite Wax Wipe Out pack.  Tear it open and clean the whole deck of your board- Especially the rails real good!


TEST FIT  the cut out GryptaLite on your board before exposing the adhesive. See how it fits to your liking.  Put the nose of the GryptaLite at the pencil mark to see how it looks. If you want to move it back, more than the pencil mark, now is the time to alter the length of the GryptaLite.  Just mark on the SMOOTH SIDE OF THE GRYPTALITE (NOT THE GRIP SIDE) where you want to cut it shorter, and use a larger round bowl to trace the shorter nose length to your liking. Cut the new nose shape with scissors.  Easy.

STICKERS Put your GryptaLite and Surf Systems stickers on the deck of your board along with any other sticker you want on your board.


Step 22  INSTALLING THE GRYPTALITE   Now you can install the GryptaLite. Like always, a good job always starts with good preparation.  You just did that, congratulations!  

Pull back about 6 inches 15cm of the center strip and pinch the strip so it stays there where you stopped pulling.  Try not to touch the exposed adhesive.    See the 2nd picture.


Step 23  Slowly place the GryptaLite up to the pencil mark you made at the nose of the board. Get it centered evenly on the board so that both rail look the same and your ink stringer line is on your stringer or centerline.  Its ok if the ink line is off center a bit, just make sure the Gryptalite looks evenly between the rails as best as you can.  


Step 24  Line up the ink center line and center the GryptaLite on your board.  Reach under the GryptaLite and pull the tag end of the center strip out another 3 to 6 inches and press down the GryptaLite onto the stringer or center of your board.  NOTE:  If you don't have a stringer to line up on, no problem. Just center the GryptaLite on the board evenly between the rails.  Then tape down the GryptaLite on 1 of the rail sides- all the way down 1 rail- nose to tail one side.  This will keep the GryptaLite in the position you set it at.  Proceed with step 24. Easy.

Step 25  After you have put the center strip down all the way the length of the board, rub with your fingers only to get it stuck down good.

Step 26  Now go to the video for the fastest and easiest part of the installation- Finishing the rest of the GryptaLite with the water spray bottle and spreader.  Easy and fast!  WOOHOO!!!