GryptaLite Pre-Cut Clear Grip- Order and Install: Easy Picture, Measure, Clean/Prep and Installation videos. Must see!

 How to take a picture of your board for a GryptaLite Order- Easy!

Very Important:  Must See!!  To get a perfect Pre-Cut GryptaLite.

How to Measure your board for a GryptaLite Order- Easy!

Used Board with Wax: Preparation and Cleaning all the wax and oils off. 

Wax Scrape, Foam Ball, Wipe Out, Clean Board Bag.  Gotta do it one last time!

Contents of your GryptaLite Kit; Simple and Fast!

Installing your Pre-Cut GryptaLlite on your board. Super easy and fast! 

 Its best to work on a CLEAN 6 ft. - 185cm flat table.  ALL WAX MUST BE REMOVED AND THE DECK SUPER CLEAN!!!  After scraping all the wax off your board, Use the Light Blue Foam Ball that came in your kit, and remove all the remaining wax off your board. Firm Circular motion seems to work best.   You may have to wipe the wax off the Foam Ball if there is a lot of wax.  HOLD THE BOARD UP TO THE LIGHT AND GET A REFLECTION TO SEE ANY WAX SPOTS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED.  A WAXY BOARD IS A DIRTY BOARD AND WILL FAIL YOUR GRYPTALITE INSTALLATION!